Cyprus Today | 30/3/2013

Cyprus Today | 30/3/2013Cyprus Today | 30/3/2013


Water Supply Under Threat – if the municipalities don’t pay their electricity bills and Kib-Tec turn off the electricity to water pumps and if…

We Will Boycott Ercan, Warn Airline – Pegasus, Onur Air and Atlasjet are threatening to stop flying to North Cyprus because Ercan airport is more expensive than any airport in Turkey. Editor: it won’t happen, passengers will have to pay or go south

This is Year For SolutionEditor: or not, as usual

The Rest

Firm Hopes Expat Funds are Safe – as you have read in NCFP, LM Investment Management has gone into administration and Scott Kennedy of Astute FMA is ‘hopeful’ that his 75-100 investors will get their money back and says that ‘no one has lost any money’ yet.

KAR Launches New Pet Travel Service

High-Profile Interviews Draw Attention to the North – BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets have featured the north in their reports. Editor: so what?

‘Uncivilised’ Office to be ReplacedEditor: in these times of austerity, when the government cannot even afford to pay its electricity bills today, it has decided to replace its Tax Offices for 10m TL because it is ‘important for our future’.

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