Cyprus Today | 27/7/2013

Cyprus Today | 27/7/2013Cyprus Today | 13/7/2013Cyprus Today | 27/7/2013

‘Killer Driver Almost Blind’ – the motorist who killed a schoolboy and his grandmother was registered as disabled and was not legally allowed to drive. He was on benefits and was not insured. Editor: I wonder if anyone in the driver’s community knew this?

TRNC Poised for New Government – elections tomorrow.

Solar-Powered Hotel Set to be ‘First in North’ – Deniz Kizi apparently is the first hotel to have a swimming pool powered using renewable energy and amazingly the cost of installation is supposed to be returned in ‘two-and-a-half and three years.’ Editor: a world record I believe.

Sexy Sam Returns – see NCFP Sam Fox snippet

New Motorbike LawsEditor: to be ignored!

PM: Ministers Should Pay For Own Flowers – UBP spent 150,000TL on flowers and wreaths during the last 6 months of their rule. Editor: I wonder which company had the contract for that?

‘Authorities Have Tried to Put Pressure on Us’ – says north Cyprus media

Hotline Set Up to Catch Bad Drivers – a free hotline number, 115, has been set up for the public to report bad driving. Editor: please report the license numbers of motorcyclists without helmets and tell us what happens

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