Robin’s snippets – 30/9/2010

Annual EU report on inter-community

The annual EU report on inter-community trade between north and south Cyprus over the Green Line records a drop of 16.8% (source: Phileleftheros.) This is not thought to be a result of any inter-communal friction, but as a direct result of the disastrous potato harvest in the TRNC. This the first recorded drop since the inter-communal cross-border trading began. On the other hand the report applauds the fact that illegal immigration into the EU via this route has dropped 54% (I do hate percentages instead of real numbers); it recommends the south tighten its controls in this respect.

Full military honours for Imam Hasan Mustafa

The mortal remains of Imam Hasan Mustafa will be interred with full military honours at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Lefkosa on 1st October. He will be laid to rest alongside his son who, according to Ertan Ersan, the head of the disabled veterans association, was executed on 12th August 1974 with his father in the village of Alaminyo (gr: Alaminos/Larnaca) by armed Greek-Cypriot civilians. His body had been missing since then, but recent efforts by the Missing Persons Commission have lead to the remains being discovered. His son Zafer Hasan İmamoğlu was summarily executed along with 14 other Turkish-Cypriot civilians on 20th July 1974 by Greek-Cypriot militias. (Source: Star Kibris)

Top Cleric sacked

According to reports in the Official Gazette the TRNC’s top cleric, Yusuf Suiçmez, has been dismissed. The Office for Religious affairs had reportedly, repeatedly warned the cleric that his behavior was contrary to the law and had duly informed the President and the Prime Minister of their action.

Yusuf Suiçmez informed a Press conference that he was contesting the dismissal as he was campaigning against corruption, fraud and nepotism and his sacking was a deed that showed no respect to his rank and stature. He is believed to be taking legal steps to have the decision rescinded.

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