Cyprus News | Cyprus Today | 25/9/2013

Cyprus News | Cyprus Today | 25/9/2013

TRNC Lobbyist’s political past – a former US congressman, paid $200,ooo to lobby for the TRNC, has started work by saying that Turkey is wrong on Cyprus.

Music licenses warning – a repeat of story about north Cyprus restaurants being told that it is breaking ‘copyright law’ to play music without paying royalties.

Health fears at hotels – legionella bacteria has been found at an unnamed B&B in the Karpas. Editor: it would have been good to know the name of the place because it’s being treated and therefore guaranteed safe.

Road dubbed ‘the highway of death’ – there have been 6 deaths this year so far from accidents on the Girne-Degirmenlik road across the Five Finger Range. Editor: the suggestion is that it is dangerous because of potholes and trees obscuring drivers’ view but, although this could be blamed for car damage’ it is ridiculous to blame this on deaths. Perhaps ‘cars of death’ would be more apt?

‘We haven’t received notification for armoured riot vehicle cancellation’ – say contractors meant to supply the $320,000 Toma riot vehicle. Apparently the Prime Minister doesn’t want the media to keep on mentioning the matter despite saying he’s going to stop the purchase.

Sorry I was late writing this, I just couldn’t face opening the Cyprus Today newspaper

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