50TL meal & drink for 2 – Cafe Dukkan, Girne

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dukkan-1I used to visit Café Dükkan regularly a few years ago because of the value for money, delicious food. I decided to see how time has changed this establishment which has the air of a Parisian café without being too close to the main road. The décor is imaginative and gives the place an upmarket feel. Service was attentive without being overbearing and food was delivered quite quickly.

We ordered our drinks first, I a Limonata and my partner an Efes (5 TL). I was quite disappointed to discover that although Limonata  was on the menu it was unavailable. In the end I settled for a Fanta (3.5 TL). The drinks came and my partner discovered that the Efes was only 330ml, he mumbled something about this being £3 a pint.

I ordered the Italian Chicken Fillet  with chips and salad (15.5 TL) as a main course and my partner the Roast Beef with chips and broccoli (15.5TL). Why the Chicken Fillet was called ‘Italian’ was a mystery but it was tender and the salad did have an Italian taste to it. It was good, though not excellent, and I wished I’d chosen the crepe with tomatoes, cucumber and chips (11TL) instead, but that is the trouble with having a menu with so many choices on it. My partner was not too keen on the broccoli (over-cooked) or the chips (under cooked) but he loved the roast beef. He said the two pieces were thick and juicy and definitely made up for these less appetising vegetables.

To finish we ordered the filter coffee for 2 (11TL), which we managed to get 4 large cups from, and this was as excellent as I remembered. The total bill came to 50.5TL and overall we would say that Café Dükkan is well worth visiting.

To get there, coming into Girne from the west, Café Dükkan is on the left just before the fountain roundabout.

Café Dükkan
Mete Adenir Cad. no.1

+090 392 8152200
+090 392 8155985

[email protected]

Map by Hans Doeleman

Map by Hans Doeleman

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