Looking for Andy who has gone missing in North Cyprus

Andy has been missing in North Cyprus since Monday. This is the information taken from Cyprus 44:

“Andy – white male lives in Ozankoy last seen Monday night 20.00 hrs. He is approximately 6.3” tall, of medium build, grey to white hair worn short, clean shaven. Wearing a grey fleece. If you have seen Andy since 10pm last night PLEASE contact the police in Girne asap.

The photo which has been posted is a recent as it gets – just put a fleece on him.  He left his house in central Ozankoy – where it was obviously pitch black.

He always goes out at this time to go to his local bar the 5 Fingers. Alex had called him at about 10.10 to advise him that the bar would be shut due to the power cut. This is why we are all confused – we are all desperately thinking where he may have gone.

He left the house in an up beat mood – and did not have his passport on him. Unfortunately his mobile phone was out of charge – thanks to the electric company.

Please call me LIBBY on 0533 845 8279 if you find Andy – I am extremely close friend and like everyone that knows him.”

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