in Cyprus Today – 26/11/2011

Alarm over superbugs – misuse of over the counter antibiotics in the TRNC could mean the introduction of prescriptions.

Foundation halts offer of land for hotel chain – reversing everything reported in earlier editions of the newspaper

‘Clarify temporary residency rules’ – ‘Ministerial spokesman Nazmi Pinar said there was no need for expats above the age of 60 to take out a residency permit.’ Editor: that won’t be wrong then

Census causes disruption as schedules rearranged – the government’s ban on movement on census day is causing disruption. Church services have been cancelled, holidaymakers have to book taxis in advance so their taxi driver can get a permit to drive them. Editor: people living in apartments with dogs will have hang them out of windows if they need to relieve themselves, or take them out before 5am.

Holes threaten Kulaksiz 5 homes – because the foundations are being washed away

Stop property auctions, urge campaign groups – but ‘Marion Stokes, co-founder of the HBPG, said in some cases, however, auctions could benefit homebuyers’ because they could get a memorandum and join the list of creditors. Editor: so HBPG recommends letting the auctions go ahead then?

Shot falcon ‘will never fly again’ – a juvenile peregrine falcon has been shot by hunters in Alagadi village despite it being out of bounds for hunters

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