in Cyprus Today – 27/8/2011

Big Mac? Not in the North – McDonald’s has won a case in Lefkoša to stop a local business copying its brand. An interim injunction has been granted but the copycat owner believes he will still win the case. Editor: after the K5 decision, anything is possible.

Denktaš suffers new setback – he successfully underwent a fresh operation to remove a blood clot from his brain.

Injunction on sale of Kulaksiz 5 villas refused – on the basis that the buyer’s group “had withdrawn a similar law suit before and… there was no legal provision to inform homebuyers about mortgages being taken out.” Editor: the judge also allegedly made the fantastic statement that there would be “no ‘irreversible harm’ to the defendants if they were evicted.”

Turkish Cypriot’s legal fight over Vassilikos land – Turkish Cypriot Erdogan Atakan’s vineyard and house was bulldozed in the south to make way for a power plant providing two-thirds of the south’s energy. Up until now the south has argued that, unlike GC land in the north, compensation would only paid when there was a Cyprus settlement. However, a settlement in a recent case has questioned this decision and so Mr Atakan is pressing for compensation. Editor: according to the ECHR this is government sponsored trespass and criminal damage, although GCs refer to it as “stealing land”.

Date finally set for law on motorcycle helmets – October 1st. Editor: this should be extended to car passengers too.

New filter system ‘set to boost usage of internet’ – because Turkish based internet will possibly be censored from November 22nd. Editor: try accessing You Tube after then to see if I am right.

Joke of the week: What do you call a Judge with no balls? Answer: Justice Prick!

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