Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 – more dirty tricks to come?

Kibris Gazetesi printed an item about me, sent in allegedly by Akan Kursat via a fax which alleged that I was a delusional woman who had received £120,000 from a court award and thought I could also keep the villa. I have attached to this article my right of reply given to me by Kibris Gazetesi on the 7 August 2010. This makes clear that although the court had awarded me the sum of £120,000 in my Breach of Contract action against the builder Kulaksiz Construction Limited on the 6th November 2009, I had not received it then, I have not received it to this date.

I, in company with Bob French had had a meeting with Akan Kursat in his office together with our then Advocates on the 23rd July 2010. At that time I had informed Mr Kursat that I had not received the award. Indeed at that meeting it was agreed that all owners of Kulaksiz 5 villas would carry out surveys on their properties and send written reports to the Bank on their condition. There was on that date, no indication that the Bank would, just one week later, break into my secured villa, change the locks, isolate the electricity to cut if off and then on their escape, drive a car at speed at my partner. That reinforced my suspicions that I was dealing with duplicitous dangerous people. To then see the lies printed about me as fact was just too much. I had to insist on a right reply, the article you see here.

At the end of last year, there was another such written attack on me, this time in the form of a letter sent to Havadis. Fortunately a friend made me aware of this and again I was given the right of reply. This time the writer (who obviously used a false name as no trace could be found of him in either the telephone book or electoral records) stated as fact that I was a propagandist and that I owned two villas with pools in South Cyprus. This was clearly designed to alienate the Turkish Cypriot public against me. I did once live in the South and I did once own a villa there without a pool. I sold that villa in 1998 when I returned to the UK for a few years. On the 14th September 2005, I Contracted to buy the villa Akfinans Bank Limited illegally repossessed by force on the 30th July 2010. Two legal opinion state this was a criminal offence yet I am the one who is threatened with arrest for even taking a photo of it. Now I have to swallow the ultimate indignity of seeing my villa being used as a weekend retreat by the Kader family. Who says crime does not pay?

Why then have I joined K5 in this further legal battle? I do not have faith in the system. I am no nearer receiving my court award and you only have to see what has happened to Geoff and Mary Day to understand my thought process. As of today, I am without a villa and without compensation. Eva McCluskey is in the same position, and contrary to an alleged claim by Akfinans, she is not dead. The other members of K5 are at least enjoying the legal route which compels Akfinans to issue Writs and follow the legal procedure set down to obtain vacant possession. It seems Eva and I will not be given our legal rights. The police have had written complaints in both mine and Eva’s case. My complaint was made at the time of the incident almost a year ago, the police never got back to me, although they always seem to be able to find me when Akfinans allegedly think I have overstepped the mark.

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