in Cyprus Today – 30/4/2011

Couple discover burglar at home – ex-pat returned to Boğaz home after holiday and chased burglar who then hit him. This was the second burglary in a year and a badly installed kitchen window was used to gain access. They’ve decided to leave North Cyprus.

‘State responsible for failures’ – says new Turkish Ambassador thought to be architect of austerity measures.

Two hurt in Grey Wolves fight – the former and present leaders of the North Cyprus Grey Wolves Association attacked each other leading to the current leader being seriously injured.

Highway and bypass to be lit up this weekendEditor: and hopefully afterwards too

Heavy rain uncovers tombs of an ancient kingdom Editor: well “further uncover” is the exact term for the increased exposure of the tombs of the ancient kings of Lambousa at Lapta.

İpek Őzerim’s column does not mention her visit to the Lapta police station

Sorry, not much else worth repeating


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