Google+ British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963

British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
- by Ipek Ozerim

1x1.trans British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963The human rights group Embargoed! will be holding a candlelit vigil outside the Greek Cypriot High Commission in central London on 21 December 2010. The all-night presence will remember the 133 Turkish Cypriot victims who were killed or went missing in Cyprus 47 years ago during a 10 day period dubbed ‘Bloody Christmas’. British Turks are being asked to show their support by purchasing and wearing a black ribbon bow on 21-22 December or to pass by the vigil itself.

The London vigil, timed to coincide with the Republic of Cyprus’ fiftieth anniversary of independence, will see a candle lit for each of the victims lost during 21-31 December 1963. Activists will wear black ribbon bows as a mark of respect, while leaflets will be handed out to passers by. The action forms part of 50 Dark Years – Tell the Truth!, a year-long campaign by Embargoed! that is challenging the Greek Cypriot authorities for ‘airbrushing out’ the suffering they inflicted on Turkish Cypriots. The group is also calling on British politicians and commentators to get their historical facts right when they speak about the Cyprus Conflict.

The events of December 1963 was the first step in the notorious Akritas Plan, a systematic campaign of terror orchestrated by Greek Cypriots who wanted to take control of the island by forcing Turkish Cypriots to accept inferior rights. It marked the start of the Cyprus Conflict and resulted in the collapse of the three year old power-sharing Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Although well documented in newspapers and diplomatic exchanges at the time, Embargoed! argues that ‘Bloody Christmas’ and the subsequent brutal oppression of Turkish Cypriots that prompted the intervention of Turkey 11 years later have been erased from historical record by the Greek Cypriot authorities.

1x1.trans British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963

Ersu Ekrem

Embargoed! activist Ersu Ekrem says, “I was a young boy living in Nicosia in December 1963. I clearly remember the fear we Turkish Cypriots faced when for no apparent reason we came under attack. Those 10 days during Christmas and New Year were horrific – people were killed or went missing or were forced out of their homes at gun point simply for being Turkish.” He continued, “It’s about time the Republic of Cyprus authorities came clean about their role in the Cyprus Conflict. We cannot solve Cyprus on a lie and it is shocking that nearly 50 years on, many Greek Cypriots still believe the conflict started with a random invasion by Turkey in July 1974 when in fact it was their own politicians back in December 1963 who started it.”

The ‘Bloody Christmas’ candlelit vigil will take place outside the Greek Cypriot High Commission located at 13 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4LB. It will start at 5pm and run until the following morning. Details of where to purchase a black ribbon bow are on Embargoed!’s website and Facebook page.

1x1.trans British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963
1x1.trans British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963

80 Responses to “British Turks asked to remember victims of Bloody Christmas 1963”

  1. British Turk

    I will attend. Greek cypriots started all these problems. They then blame Turkey. Today on this forum you can read what some greek cypriots still belive today. They refuse to acknowlege the facts and instead make up lies to keep the TRNC unreconized. Its about time we all got together and put an end to this situation.stop talking to them and get our part, the TRNC trading with the world and ignore them. They chose this path, now they cry like babies. what the hell is wrong with a two state goverment speaking with one voice to the world. I shall tell you, G/C dont want T/C to share anything with them. They lie to your face, they lie to the whole world. If they had their way we all would be DEAD.

  2. Robin Melhuish

    I was informed recenztly by a local that remains 2 of the “missing” GCs’, whose demise was long laid at the feet of the Turkish army, have been discovered in Paphos. The reason for thweir execution so the teller related was cooperation with the Turkish Community. Now comes the hard bit. The remains were found in Limasol. I can’t remember the Turkish army being there. Any one got any info on the matter, or is it just another tale for round the camp fire?

  3. miltiades

    Robin , I posted a link on another thread , yet to be posted , showing the number of dead T/Cs from 1956 to 1974 amounted to just under 800 according to Turkish sources. Stop being the fool that you usually are and accept that you and the other cheapskates have been hoodwinked !!!
    Do tell me now mate , how many T/Cs killed 6 YEARS BEFORE THE INVASION !!!!!
    I do wish that Malcolm  would let my posts through providing TURKISH links !!

    • Milt, how many times do I have to tell you, comments with two links or more automatically go into a moderation queue in case they are spam. I don’t think you know the difference between dead and missing. Dead is someone who is confirmed as dead, missing is just that, missing as per the ATCA stats. Apparently, according to Greek Cypriot sources, 77% of GGs are unable to correctly interpret statistics.

  4. Vince Hugo

    I think we have got the message from you about the low number of TC’s killed in the 6 years before the Turkish intervention. What I don’t understand is why you think that this information proves some sort of point.
    I don’t pretend to be a historian so I’m sure that you can (and will) pick holes in the specifics.
    But it does seem to be accepted that TC’s suffered atrocities in 1963/64 at the hands of GC’s and in the name of Enosis – union with Greece. The situation may have stabilised in the following years, although it’s understandable that TC’s felt oppressed and unsafe during that period. So I can imagine how they felt at the news that there had been a military coup and that Enosis was very much back on the cards. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the implications for TC’s on the island. Are you suggesting that they had to wait until there was clear proof of genocide before calling for help?
    So the fact that few TC’s were killed in the 6 years prior to the intervention of Turkey is (obviously) good news but doesn’t mean that the intervention wasn’t justified.

  5. miltiades

    Vince , for your information the number of T/Cs killed during the intercomunal years of strife was about the same  in numbers. The T/Cs suffered a great deal as a result of the actions of G/C fanatics and Turkish extremists , TNT .
    You as well as others seem to find the fact that 82 % of the Cypriot people were determined to chart their own destiny as some weird and unjust pursuit, are you and the other brainless English peasants forgetting the primary principle of democracy , the same democracy that thousands upon thousands of British and allied troops lost their lives for ?
    Simpleton , listen to me , the Turkish army did not INTERVENE it invaded  killing thousands of Cypriots and losing 3000 of their own troops , displacing 200, 000 people and  forcing more than 50,000 T/Cs to depart in order that they can make a living elsewhere.
    Did you by the way use the same logic in declaring that the invasion was an intervention and a fair one as you used in deciding to invest in a part of Cyprus that the ENTIRE world considers as being occupied by Turkey ,obviously you did so your opinion is worthless you are too stupid !!
    Next please !

  6. AM

    Totally agree Vince
    It makes you shudder to think if Enosis went unchecked and Turkey did not intervene then I have no doubt that genocide would have started again and the TC population would have…..well who knows what would have happened.
    People really do need to think hard of what the consequences might have been.
    It seems to me that the GC population simply can not accept that the north is a safe haven for people to live in peace and without persecution.

  7. miltiades

    AM , you are talking rubbish , you are forgiven due to insufficient brain cell power !!
    Stupid listen . 82 % of the indigenous to Cyprus population had every right to demand the right of exercising their democratic right , I wont go on further you are too stupid to understand, next please …

  8. Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, will you for god’s sake try to forget your usual line of insulting garbage and argue with at least an attempt at reason?

    You have on a number of occasions admitted that you fought with Eoka and for Enosis, and that now in hindsight that may not have been the greatest idea you’ve ever had.

    Can you not see, therefore, that your stance now is simply not logical? Never mind all your childish insults, your stance is clearly wrong. The GCs DID adopy and embrace Enosis, TMT WAS a reaction to Enosis, and the whole GC population DOES bear responsibility for what happened.

    Yes, it WAS an invasion, and it DID halt the oppression of TCs in their own country. Peace HAS reigned ever since.

    These are all facts, Yiannis.

  9. polly

    May God be with you all at your Vigil.

    May God teach us all to forgive.

  10. miltiades

    Ian , let me put you right once and for all.
    82%  of the Cypriot people had every bloody right to want to determine their own future , get this in your thick scull and then we can proceed with further debates, first you must acknowledge that there was NOTHING untoward about 82 % of indigenous Cypriots wanting union with Greece , Union with Russia , union with Abyssinia , get it , when you do respond wisely in the knowledge that democracy in the free democratic  world functions and prosecutes policies based on MAJORITY RULE.
    What really gets up my nose is when low intellect Brits and others comment on ENOSIS as if the 82 % of the indigenous Cypriot people  had committed a crime of unparalleled proportions !!
    Why are you so blatantly stupid !

    Polly , you are forgiven for being so stupid as to “invest” in a part of the world where only mad dogs and English senile old codgers would do.
    I will NEVER forgive you however for posting that the Turkish invasion that culminated in the death of more than 10, 000 people was correct.
    Take your pill now dear and rest that rusty brain cell now !


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