Akfinans Bank Limited “human rights violation” taken to ECHR

ECHRAt last I am able to talk about the fact that having exhausted every legal avenue, Kulaksiz 5 have been forced to put their case to the European Court of Human Rights. There are other cases running locally in tandem with this case, but this is by far the most important and the one all our hopes are pinned upon.

It was not an easy decision to go this route, but when you have your back to the wall and can see no hope on the horizon and no way out, you have to make difficult decisions. This is not meant to hurt the TRNC, we all love it and the Turkish Cypriot people, but as fellow human beings we need to have a future to look forward to; because of our ages, we do not have the time to wait or waste.

The Council of Europe operate a rotating chairmanship and Turkey is the current Chairman, membership is open to non EU member states too so the timing of our ECHR case is serendipitous.

Some of you may wonder why I, having won my Breach of Contract action, have become involved in this case. The answer is simple, I have won the case, but I have not received the money awarded to me by the court so my position is in many ways the same as every other owner of a Kulaksiz 5 property and in some ways worse because the other owners are just embarking on the long process of AKFINANS BANK LIMITED taking them to court to have them evicted. Through their Advocate, AKFINANS BANK LIMITED took the unprecedented step of illegally repossessing my villa by force. AKFINANS BANK LIMITED have done this but I am the one the Police threaten with arrest if I so much as walk through my own gate. At this moment in time I have no villa and no award money from the court. The record of Court Awards being paid to foreigners in the TRNC is incredibly poor. If I do receive the award money before the ECHR case is finished, I will of course withdraw from the action. That Akfinans Bank Limited, Abdurrahman Guney, Kulaksiz Contstrution Limited and Yuksel Yilmaz mortgaged our property and generally treated us with contempt is a matter of public record. That the Advocate acting for Akfinans Bank Limited, Akan Kursat, and company acted outside the law when they broke into my villa and changed the locks, cut the electricity and tried to run Chris over with their motor vehicle whilst making their getaway, is also a matter of public record and a personal violation of the Human Rights of both Chris and myself.

Now AKFINANS BANK LIMITED are in the process of taking legal action to evict the rest of the residents of Kulaksiz 5. Two have already received writs and it seems it is just a matter of time before the rest do. Whilst waiting to be evicted they are being asked to pay £600.00per month in rent. Is there no end to the greed of AKFINANS BANK LIMITED who are already infamous for charging 80% per quarter compound on the mortgage of 100,000TL plus £1.600.00 sterling, approximately 104,000TL in total, causing this to rise to a staggering 2,077,000TL in less than five years. That they are asking for rent is an abomination, even if it were not, who would pay £600.00 per month for properties that are in such a bad state of repair and still on builder’s tariff electricity which is three times the normal rate?

To all who are suffering Property Related problems and to those who are sympathetic, please join us in our PEACEFUL, SILENT CANDLELIT VIGIL on Monday 4th October outside the Turkish Embassy in Lefkosa – 5.00 p.m. 8.00 p.m. Bring a candle and means of lighting it and protecting your hands.

There is a Protest in London on the 4th October outside the Turkish Embassy 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. also for all affected by Property Related Problems and sympathisers.


If you care – be there

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