Cypriot contempt for property laws

Throughout the island there is a contempt for the rule of law, but not by the general public. This attitude is expresses mainly by those with power. Power in the form of money and position used to avoid following laws is a form of corruption. Without a body with teeth able to apply checks and balances on those with power, there is no hope for the general public whose only impact is sometimes a cross on a ballot paper.

In the south, Madison’s shopping centre changed its use from wholesale trading centre to retail shopping centre without approval from the authorities in order to cash in on the Christmas trade. It did so without permits from the authorities, and in doing so caused traffic chaos in an area next to the general hospital where holding up ambulances could be a matter of life or death. The shopping centre owners believed that there would be no cost to breaking the law and that the permits would eventually be issued.

Strovolos municipality took legal action against the company and the Town Planning Department secured a court order for its closure, but apparently was unable to serve the order. The Public Works Department has asked the company to pay €980,000 as a condition for change of use because the shopping centre’s operation would require new road works to ease congestion in the area. It is doubtful that this money will be forthcoming or that the company’s operations will be affected in any way. This attitude of those at the top makes the general public contemptuous of the law.

In the north, as many property purchasers have discovered to their detriment, there are no effective laws to prevent a powerful builder, or even a weak one, from taking a buyer’s money and leaving them either with a building needing to be condemned, a mortgage on the property or with no title deeds. If the court attempts to enforce their verdict against the builder the order is treated with contempt or is ignored.

Aga Buyers Action Group (ABAG) have tried every means to seek justice for their property fiasco, named the AGA Saga. They have had Ministerial promises and court case successes without any results and in the end have been driven into the welcoming arms of the Greek Cypriot publicity machine in the shape of  the TSIMPEDES LAW FIRM. Their blog includes the reply from the US law firm:

Thank you for sharing your unfortunate experience with the TRNC and its fraudulent and deceptive trade practices that has affected you and so many people. We are also shocked to hear that you have been terrorized and threatened because you have spoken out about the wrongful conduct of the TRNC that should not be tolerated.

As we discussed, The Tsimpedes Law Firm is currently involved in a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, DC involving the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey related to property rights in the north of Cyprus. As you now know, the TRNC is an illegal enterprise and not recognized by any civilized nation. The TRNC is required to respond to our lawsuit in February, 2010 after a failed attempt to delay the legal proceedings.

Please find attached a copy of that Order. As we discussed, the Tsimpedes Law Firm will represent you in a lawsuit against the TRNC in Washington, DC for compensation based on the fraudulent property scheme that has taken all of your savings. Your Group should be applauded for your stance despite the threats and hardships by the TRNC.

This law firm does not expect to succeed in its case but only to publicise further the problems associated with buying property in north Cyprus. Add to this the problem in the south where over 100,000 title deeds have not being issued, and when they do there is a good chance that the deeds will be defective because of GC builders’ negligence, a picture is being painted of the entire island of Cyprus being a place to avoid when buying property. At least in the south there is government involvement in an attempt to rectify these problems but in the north the government so far seems to be deaf to these issues.

We will begin preparation for litigation and look forward representing you in the United States.

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