in Cyprus Today – 30/9/2009

cyprus-todayPeople power wins ambulances U-turn – well not quite. The Lapta ambulance service is going to be reduced to “working hours.”  The Head of the Doctors’ Union said it was “better than nothing” but a 75% reduction in services, particularly during the evenings and weekend, would still mean unnecessary deaths. This is terrible news for Ingrid Lindh’s petition because this new announcement has the potential to reduce support for a 24/7 service. Come on, even one unnecessary death is one to many, especially if it is a member of your family.

Here’s the old government’s new internet scheme – $1.5m of computer parts are lying around as a result of the UBP  scrapping the last government’s internet scheme. Some of the parts could be used in the latest technology scheme (probably WiMax)  but the new system would not need so many base stations.

President booed on CTA flight – passengers blamed Mehmet Ali Talat for the aircraft’s 3 hour delay. Apparently, there was a technical fault which coincided with the 3 hour delay of the president’s New York flight. In the end he decided not to take the flight.

Land Registry fees reduction extension? – the Council of Ministers are today expected to extend the decision to reduce these fees to 1½%  rather than return them to 6%.

Restaurant founder dies on holiday – the original founder of Jashan, Halil Topçu Zekayi known as ‘Baz’, died whilst on holiday in Egypt.

Hair guitar – secondary students in north Cyprus, demanding the right to have long hair, have composed a song about the issue which they played to Kemal Dürüst, the Minister for Education, Youth and Sports. Editor – the 60’s have finally arrived

Lecturers axed days before start of new term – part-time and guest lecturers have been axed at the cash strapped Eastern Mediterranean University

Inspections intensified in drive to snare illegals – increased efforts are being made to catch the 30-35 000 people working or residing illegally in the country.

Imam hits out at the way Turkish Cypriots live – a Turkish imam, Hakkı Küçükşişmek, criticised TCs during his Bayram sermon and also during funeral prayers. Apparently Yusuf Suiçmez , the director of the Religious Affairs Department, was quoted as saying that the imam did not have the right to make TCs feel uncomfortable by blaming the men for not forcing their woman to cover their heads and for allowing alcohol to be sold here.

Karpaz development plan fails to take off – Construction & Estates plans to build a huge estate  near Balalan in the Karpaz but have not received a single enquiry after two years of marketing it. The Friends of Karpaz and the Green Action Group were happy.

Make or break month for hopes of solutionEditor – it’s broken already!

Erdoğan renews spat with Israel over Gaza – he is saying that Iran doesn’t have plans to build nuclear bombs whilst Israel has done so already against international approval. Editor – but Iran says that if it is attacked it is going to destroy Israel and also all the US bases in the Middle East and you don’t do that with conventional weapons

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