Give us our AMBULANCE back! AMBULANSIMIZI geri ver!

petitionDoctors are claiming that the closure of ambulance stations at Lapta and Esentepe are putting lives at risk. It is being alleged that if you fall ill in those areas and call an ambulance then it will have to come from Girne’s Akçicek Hospital, a journey of at least 30 minutes instead of the few minutes it used to take. The first 60 minutes are the most important for the treatment of serious conditions such as a heart attack, and a taking over 60 minutes from the onset of a heart attack until the arrival at a hospital could make the difference between life and death.

The government is arguing that this cost-cutting exercise is necessary because only 1-2 people per month are using these services. It seems that calls for this decision to be reversed has been ignored so a petition has been started to let the government know that people affected are not going to accept this decision without having their say. One of the implications of the government’s actions could be that people with health problems might decided not to live in the areas affected and instead move to Girne. This could have a severe impact on the economies of these outlying towns and villages.

To download the petition, click HERE and come back later for instructions on where to deliver the completed petition.

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