Ring Out the Old – Bring in the Same Old


Ring Out the Old – Bring in the Same Old

Another year is about to say ‘goodbye’ to us. So what will 2014 bring. I agree with Old Dom’s predictions and have nothing to add to them.

I do not believe the Kulaksiz 5’s case will be resolved during 2014, indeed I do not believe it will be resolved during 2016 either. Why change the system that works so well for the ‘privileged’ few and that is what would have to happen to see JUSTICE in north Cyprus?

You only have to look to see a ‘sitting’ member of Parliament and a former member of Parliament in the Hate group (and they both know they are members) to realise just what a ‘screwed up’ system it is. Enough said about that silliness, most members haven’t a clue they are members, do not speak English and are there thanks to a psychotic advocate.

The victims of LMI, the Australian investment that promised much and in the end ‘swallowed’ the investors’ money is unlikely to be resolved during 2014 and if it is, is unlikely to reimburse the investors. Let us not forget, those from north Cyprus are just a few of the overall number that have been affected by this alleged PONZI scheme.

More ‘bottom feeders’ are emerging from the woodwork, trying to feed on the carcasses of the property scam victims, it seems they won’t let go until the bones are bare of any flesh.

So is there any hope on the horizon for those who dared dream of a retirement in the sun? I would like to say there is, but with the chaos in mother Turkey and the Lira in free fall, I see little respite in 2014. Higher interest on Lira accounts may be offered, but be aware and ask yourself ‘how can they afford to pay us more to keep our money in the bank?’ I think we all know the answer.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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