North Cyprus News | Important Change For Over 60’s Ex-Pats


North Cyprus News – Important Change For Over 60’s Ex-Pats

If you are 60 or above, you no longer need to apply for a yearly residency stamp in your passport. You are free to enter and exit the TRNC as often as you like and stay here for as long as you like.

With regard to the TRNC Driving Licence, a residency permit has always been required and the Kyrenia Tax Office has now confirmed to us that expatriate residents who are 60 years or over will only have to provide a copy of their passports and a letter from their Muhtar to show proof of their identity and their address after the Muhtar has verified their property location by viewing their property kocan or rental agreement.

Well I say it is a change but in fact you never did need to apply for residency when you reached 60 year of age.

As far as the driving licence is concerned, it is still as it has always been, see the above link.

” c) Contrary to misinformation, there is, at present, no link between a residency stamp and obtaining a TRNC driving licence. “

They could not quite keep their hands off the cash cow and you will still have to fork out whatever fee the Muhtar decides to charge you for his letter in order to obtain your driving licence, I wonder if they will re-introduce the ten year driving licence. Agile and I still have ours which expires in 2016, a year after my British licence.

This of course is good news to the over 60’s who regularly left the island on a three months basis just to comply with the rules that never were.

Pauline Read

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