North Cyprus Free Press - Cyprus Today 25th January 2020

North Cyprus Free Press - Cyprus Today 25th January 2020 Cyprus Today’s 25th January 2020 edition only has two articles on the front page. The first is about a plan for the TRNC government to buy the Greatstone 13 houses and lease them to the ex-pat owners. There were very little details, only that for the length of the lease the ex-pats would look after the properties for the government and probably pay for the privilege.

The second article was about the famous Russian singer, Shura.


Govt to work on plans to ‘nationalise’ threatened homes GREATSTONE 13 ‘MAY BE SAVED’ – A GROUP of expats in Lapta who face being evicted after properties they had paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for were auctioned off could be saved by the government, Cyprus Today has learned. Ministers are working on a plan to effectively nationalise the 13 homes in question and allow the expats to continue living in them on a “long-term lease”.

Back to the USSR – RUSSIAN-SPEAKING residents were treated to a pop-tastic night of entertainment. Famous Russian singer Shura came to North Cyprus to perform in the “Back to USSR” bar in Iskele. As well as wowing fans, Shura and his team were treated to a personal tour of many of the TRNC’s beauty spots.

That’s it, nothing else worth reading IMHO.


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1 comment to North Cyprus Free Press – Cyprus Today 25th January 2020

  • Polly Marples

    So the TRNC intend to become complicit in the Greatstone fraud by buying the houses and leasing them back to the true owners…YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.

    Of course we all remember when the Govt…via the then Finance Ministyer Ersin Tatar (now Prime Minister) was going to save the Kulaksiz 5 villas….clearly for his friends at Akfinans Bank…who now live in Pauline Read’s villa with the blessing of the High Court (more relatives, friends on the bench?)

    Anyone who believes this latest crap must have rocks in their heads.

    The Govt…like the perpetrators are all just waiting for the victims to die….this is their strategy.