Cyprus Problem | Greek Cypriots Upset By Those Betraying 'The Republic'

According to Cyprus Mail (6.7.2019) there have been two incidents of individuals ‘betraying the Republic of Cyprus’. One incident was as a result of an article published by one of Cyprus Mail’s own reporters. […]

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North Cyprus PM, Ersin Tatar, Outlines His Cyprus Problem Solution

North Cyprus PM Ersin Tatar Outlines His Cyprus Problem Solution

When North Cyprus PM, Ersin Tatar, was Assistant Treasurer at Asil Nadir’s Polly Peck company, it was alleged by the Prosecution that he took steps to assist Mr Nadir in the dishonest movement of money. […]

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US, France and Turkey 'Protecting Their Oil Interests' Off North Cyprus

At a time when Turkey is launching its War Games off North Cyprus, to protect their oil interests, the US and France are repeating the same mantra. In the case of Turkey, it is launching its largest military exercise Sea Wolf (Denizkurdu) from Monday. The exercise, supervised by the Turkish navy, will run until […]

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