Asil Nadir | UK Press Summary

Here is an interesting ‘tale’ told by Ian Cobain of the Guardian. It goes back to when Mr Nadir had fled back to north Cyprus following the collapse of Polly Peck International. It has all the ingredients of a best selling work of fiction, but we are told it is not fiction.

It tells […]

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Asil Nadir – 1993 Article

This article from 1993 gives some indication of the man, Asil Nadir back in the day. It is interesting to note that in 1990 he was listed as the 36th wealthiest man in Britain with assets listed as £213m, the following year he had disappeared from the list.

Whether you see Mr Nadir […]

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Asil Nadir Verdict | The Post Mortem


How you view the former boss of Polly Peck International, who now is incarcerated in one of Her Majesty’s prison in the UK having been found guilty on ten charges of theft, depends in the main on how you see him. Saint or sinner. The post mortem on the trial will continue […]

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