‘Peniless’ Jailed Asil Nadir Lived the Life of a Millionaire

Infamous Turkish Cypriot businessman, 71 years old Asil Nadir was taken from Belmarsh Prison to attend a Compensation hearing at the Old Bailey in London. Mr Nadir, who lived in rented accommodation during his trial for fraud, claims he is penniless. The rent on his accommodation in Belgravia is reported to have been £64,000 […]

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How To Make Your Own ‘Justice For All’ Protest Placard

Instructions for making your own ‘Justice For All’ Protest Placard

Take a piece of chipboard about half a metre by a metre. Whitewash it. Allow to dry. Then attach wooden curtain pole to the back with screws, leaving the knobs on at each end. On the whitened side, trace your message and then black […]

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Freedom of Opinion | Turkish Cypriots Call for Expats to Rally for Nadir


Instead of protesting the outcome of a case that at Appeal could be changed completely, why don’t the people who are criticising the UK Legal system and conjuring up all sorts of conspiracy theories, none of which I buy into, redirect their anger at their own legal system that is old fashioned […]

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