North Cyprus Property Auctions | The Minister Can’t Help

Oh what a day, late June in 2012! Pauline has had the sort of day you would not plan, and would not want to. She has been shouted at, accused and asked if she is happy, all before 10.30 a.m. She has also been able to laugh and to realise not all in North […]

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TRNC Government “to Force Auction to Grab Victims’ Cash”

The Aga Saga, is there anything left to be said about this complete ‘cock-up’.

Yes, I am afraid there is. No doubt the Auctions planned for the Aga sites will go ahead. Who will benefit from them, the very Government who sat back and let this ‘comedy of errors’ start and then continue. Why […]

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Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank DVD and YouTube Video

Despite protestations that the first article about the “Banks Behaving Badly” DVD carried inaccuracies, viewing it proved that it did not.

What was abundantly clear was the fact that the makers had decided not to mention the Bank involved, Akfinans Bank Limited. One has to suppose that legal opinion was taken and it was […]

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