Malcolm Mitcheson of MNCB talks about the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Documentary

Monday morning on a TV show hosted by Serhat Incirli, Malcolm Mitcheson of MNCB allegedly talked about the documentary produced to highlight the plight of property victims in North Cyprus and the Kulaksiz 5 in particular. This documentary is said to be going to be widely available soon. I am sure we will all […]

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Karmi/Robb North Cyprus Auction | Postponed until August 2012

Today, the auction that wasn’t took place. The Pesky Pair who worked so hard all Friday afternoon and early evening to ensure that the auction was stopped realised that they would have to attend the venue for the auction to ensure promises made were kept.

When Pembe arrived at the Coffee shop she was […]

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Karmi/Robb Auction | If you care then be there – tomorrow

One day to go. Tomorrow the Auction that brings disgrace and shame to this beautiful country takes place.

How anyone who could make a difference, but chooses not to, sleeps at night is beyond my comprehension. I have looked into the faces of the victims and the stress I see etched there breaks my […]

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