Cyprus Today - 25/5/2019

Cyprus Today - 25/5/2019Another exciting edition of Cyprus Today, full of scintillating, eye opening, news that cannot be found outside the internet.


New government coalition off to a bumpy start – the new government alliance is not getting on with each other.

Beach Safety Crackdown – in a stunning revelation, it turns out that the safety of beaches are not being checked!

Gunmen still on the run – gangland shooting of another gangland member

Six Brit Holidaymakers injured in two crashes – more car crashes

Tourist accused of attacking girlfriend – who had him arrested and then left the country


‘Public Sector is Prey to Bribery‘ – in a stunning revelation, it turns out that public sector workers are taking bribes. Mind you, Cyprus Today could find no evidence of the accusation being true.

That’s it, really.


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