North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 7/6/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 7/6/2014


Beach For Sale over Internet – Two beaches close to a prime nesting site for endangered marine turtles are being touted for sale on the internet.The beaches were spotted on the Istanbul based website with a price ticket of £15million. The online advert boasted a 35 dönüm area and two beaches about 2km east of the Güzelyalı turtle nesting area and claimed that it was suitable for a “hotel, restaurant and marina.”

Team works to reconnect ADSL system – Some 23,000 internet users were left without a connection for more than 24 hours when the nationwide ADSL system collapsed for the third time in a month

Heinze – TRNC May be recognised – Turkish Cypriots can expect little justice within current international law – but there may be a chance of their state eventually being recognised. That is the view of Christian Heinze, a former official with the island’s post 1960 Constitutional Court.

The 25th anniversary Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally sailed into port this week – Girne’s Delta Marina


10,000 gather for mass litter pick up – Public urged to do their bit in keeping the country clean as ministry plans to ‘get tough’ on offenders

Officer releases book on his time in Cyprus – Willy Lindh’s book “Genocide under the Auspices of the UN” has been released. Willy was a Swedish United Nations Officer who served time in prison for assisting Turkish Cypriots in 1964.

Call for more museums

Ministry warns of tougher measures on smoking ban

Usual TC/GC claims – EU – TC relations ‘will not deteriorate’ & Leaders ‘playing the blame game’ & ‘We will take GC’s to ECHR over their institutional  racism’ & Settlement ‘Worth 20bn’ & Pledges to speed up talks

The best part of Cyprus Today, bet it’s wrong!


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