North Cyprus News | Turkish Water Project Delay

North Cyprus News - Turkish Water Project DelayNorth Cyprus News – Turkish Water Project Delay

According to Yeni Duzen newspaper (25.06.14) the project to transfer water from Turkey to North Cyprus may not be launched on July 20 as planned. This is odd, because as far as know the water wasn’t expected to flow until October.

Birol Cinar, Project Manager of Turkey’s State Water Affairs Department, explained that despite “everything going on as it was planned”, some works that should have been completed out at the sea were prevented due to weather conditions. However, he explained, the 8-kilometre pipes starting from Turkey’s shores have been already sunk under the water, and in the coming days 5-kilometre pipes starting from the shores of North Cyprus will be sunk in the sea so that the two pipes will be able to be joined in the near future.

It had always been a disappointment to me that water would not be available this summer, particularly because of the lack of rainfall we’ve been experiencing this year. However, without a network of pipes from the Geçitköy Dam to the rest of the north, I doubt that for many of us water shortages will be avoided in the near future. Some even say that the north becoming dependent on Turkish water may be similar to Ukraine being dependent on Russian gas.

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