UK News Review | Retired Should Work for State Pension

UK News Review | Retired Should Work for State PensionUK News Review – when a politician comes up with a proposal such as workers retiring and being forced to carrying on working ‘voluntarily’ in order to receive the State Pension they’d been told they were entitled to, I’m left wondering what other contracts these people will break over my lifetime.

To even talk about a change to the conditions of the State Pension, perhaps close to the point someone is about to receive it, might have the affect of raising the blood pressure of these about to be pensioners, and killing them. Perhaps that was the intended affect? They’d be paid no pension then, a massive coronary makes a massive government saving!

Conscientious low paid workers may have planned for their retirement all their lives and the last thing they want is to be told is that the government plans to scupper them. Just image the stress caused by being forced to drive to and from a forced ‘voluntary’ job only to find that the cost of transport cancels out the pension they’re allowed to keep for ‘volunteering’. Use your bus pass, you say. Do you image an government which wants to snatch back pensions won’t snatch those back too?

Lord Bitchard, the former Benefits chief who made these proposals, obviously doesn’t need the state pension he started being entitled to this year, and can easily forgo the entire amount in order to avoid having to volunteer to clear up the streets in order to receive it in its entirety. A short peek at his current jobs should convince you that he is not talking about what HE should be forced to do, it’s about what elderly poor people should do!


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