Blue Song Restaurant in Lapta North Cyprus - March 2017

Blue Song Restaurant in Lapta North Cypus - March 2017Yet again I have eaten at Blue Song and each time we visit there we are amazed by the variety on the menu and the prices! Not only that but the food is cooked really well. Last visit we had mixed grill (35TL) and a chicken șiș (22TL), a large bottle of water, a large Efes and a coke, 2 Turkish coffees, The bill was 71tl!!

My husband said it was one of the best mixed grills on the island and probably the cheapest. Chicken șiș can often arrive overcooked and dry but mine was cooked to perfection and succulent. Bread, butter and a bowl of salad accompanied the dishes.

A few years ago this was a bit of a greasy spoon but standards are certainly very high now.

We visited in the evening but during the day you have the beautiful sea views as a bonus!

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2 comments to Blue Song Restaurant in Lapta North Cyprus – March 2017

  • fluter

    Sounds good Maggie. Bit different from the “mixed grill” in Bavaria.

  • Polly Marples

    Yes a very good place to eat and look at the sea.