Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 - Do Not Mention The Bank

Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 - Do Not Mentioned The Bank


I came across this blog written back in February 2012 by Peter Wright.


This was at a time when the bank were issuing Libel Writs like confetti, even allegedly to the two members of the Legal Team representing the Kulaksiz 5.

The attempt to silence the press was widespread and Cyprus […]

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Cyprus News | RoC Bailout Not Available Until Next Year

Oh dear, it looks as if the RoC have prevaricated too often and too long. If the German Finance Minister is correct, the money they need will not be available to them until 2013. Whilst that may be just around the corner, can they survive that long? Mr Christofias promised to put the RoC […]

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Cyprus News | Police Foil Attorney-General Assasination Plot

This seems a somewhat drastic solution if you do have a beef with the current Attorney General.

“By George PsyllidesPublished on October 30, 2012

One of the suspects being led away from court yesterday

POLICE said yesterday it foiled a plan to assassinate Attorney-general Petros Clerides after the […]

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