US lawyer sues Turkey and north Cyprus

armsUS lawyer, Athan T. Tsimpedes, has allegedly filed a lawsuit against Turkey for using US arms against GCs in 1974 in Cyprus. He basis action on the fact US law forbids countries from using US weapons to breach international law. The lawsuit was filed last October on behalf of three Greek Cypriots and follows a similar action earlier this year reported in NCFP.  In that lawsuit he was suing Turkey for $400bn for preventing GCs from having access to their properties in the north. Tsimpedes says he’s also suing the TRNC  for promoting the sale of GC property.

As before there is no mention of this or the previous lawsuit on the Tsimedes Law website. This gives the impression that the lawyer is just seeking publicity and, of course, to attract gullible customers who might believe that such an action would ever reach the courts.

[1] Today’s Zaman

A US lawyer says he has filed a class action lawsuit against Turkey for allegedly using US-supplied arms to commit human rights violations in Cyprus.

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Athan T. Tsimpedes says US law forbids countries from using American weapons to breach international law.

He said Thursday that the lawsuit was filed last October in a District of Columbia court on behalf of three Greek Cypriots.

Tsimpides alleged that Turkey used US arms to evict Greek Cypriots from their homes in 1974 when it intervened after a coup by supporters of uniting the island with Greece.

Tsimpedes, who is seeking $400 billion in damages, said he’s also suing authorities in the island’s Turkish Cypriot north for promoting in D.C. the sale of Greek Cypriot property.

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