Turkish And Greek Cypriot Disagreement Over United Cyprus

Turkish And Greek Cypriots Disagreement Over United CyprusIt is a really basic disagreement between Greek and Turkish Cypriots when neither side will recognise the other side’s territories. The north does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) and the south will not recognise the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC).

This results in two opposing ideas of what a United Cyprus would be, post-settlement. Turkish Cypriots see a new country, a ‘virgin birth’, and Greek Cypriots see the RoC ‘evolving’ into a larger entity by taking the TRNC into itself and in effect swallowing it up.

This disagreement came to light when the President Mustafa Akinci’s spokesperson, Baris Burcu, said a Cyprus solution would create a new federal structure which the south’s opposition parties interpreted as referring to a ‘virgin birth’.

“As the two sides do not recognise each other and as the confederation of two separate sovereign states is not being negotiated, it goes without saying that a United Federal Cyprus of two constituent states is what will be established,” Burcu said.

The government quickly responded by giving its opposition reassurances that the:

“continuation of the Republic of Cyprus will be secured through specific clauses of a solution to the Cyprus problem”.

What then followed was a nit-picking argument concerning the semantics of what will be the structure of the Cyprus that results from the negotiations. The reality of the situation is that neither side will let go of their countries and that it is a foregone conclusion that the RoC and the TRNC will still be in existence for a long time to come.

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