The Kitchen Restaurant at Çatalköy in North Cyprus

We went to Supreme Supermarket inThe Kitchen Restaurant at Çatalköy in North Cyprus Çatalköy and as it was such a miserable day, we decided to have lunch out and went to the restaurant next door…The Kitchen. A previous visit in the height of summer found us having a fantastic meal. Of course on this occasion we ate indoors as the rain was lashing down outside. The waiters are helpful and friendly and straight away brought us 3 types of bread, olives and dip. They took our drinks order but we were more than suprised that they don’t sell Efes!! We did remark that in the “old days” here one of the waiters would have run next door and bought a few at the supermarket and made a tidy profit along with pleasing the customer. Of course over the years things have changed so we had a bottle of water instead.

I had the fish kebab (36tl) and my husband the Firin kebab (42tl). These were accompanied by chips and salad. The large water was 5tl. We finished with Turkish coffees and were not charged for those. The food really was delicious.

The restaurant has a huge seating capacity, we sat in an enormous conservatory, the waiters lit the heaters to keep us warm. It also has a large outside eating area and children’s play area. Obviously it is child friendly even down to the miniature WC in the Ladies!

In my opinion well worth a visit.

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