South's President Says North Doesn't Need Turkey's Protection

South's President Says North Doesn't Need Turkey's ProtectionThe President of South Cyprus, says that “no modern state in the European Union, or elsewhere, is in need of third-party guarantees.” This, coming from a country which still flies the flags of Greece, the country which invaded them in 1974, sounds a little strange. It is also strange that in 2004 they sought protection from the EU and lately they are getting very cosy with Russia, which currently is expanding its empire.

I think what the President is saying is simply that he does not want Turkish Cypriots to have protection. Fair enough, he would say that. But to dress it up with some misconstrued rule that countries should not form alliances for their protection shows a poor understanding of geopolitics.

But then, perhaps the south do not see the north as a separate entity responsible for their own decisions and that includes whether they have Turkish troops on their territory. Whoa, I’m not saying they should, I’m asking who decides what they do in the northern part of the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. It seems to me that the south believes, and always did and always will, that they control what Turkish Cypriots do.

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18 comments to South’s President Says North Doesn’t Need Turkey’s Protection

  • fluter

    Exactly Dom, without the Turkish troops, there would be no TCs in Cyprus.

    Does the man really think the whole world is going to believe him? Presumably.

  • Miltiades

    [You great big ill educated Plonker, first of all Anastasiades is NOT the President of South Cyprus, no such state exists, it is called Cyprus, part of which is occupied by the third world Islamic nation of Turkey. You have constantly displayed your utter stupidity, understandable since you are nothing more than an English peasant.
    [shush reason=”inflammatory”]Do me a favour you ignorant council estate frigging peasant and piss off back to your lowly roots, you ignoramus piece of scata.[/shush]

  • Miltiades

    One ignorant low down peasant concurring with the chief Cheapskate.
    Get out of Cyprus you low down ignorant frigging peasants, back to your council estates where you belong, what !

  • Miltiades

    The barbaric Turkish invasion of Cyprus caused the death of more than 5000 Cypriots with hundreds missing never to be seen again. You low down English peasants saw cheap properties that in your wildest dreams you would never be able to afford, but, being used to ” back of the lorry” cheap goodies you rushed to buy STOLEN properties, Go to hell you ignorant peasants, [shush reason=”inflammatory”]piss off out of Cyprus, your dingy council estates are waiting for you.
    You disgust me .[/shush]

  • fluter

    [shush reason=”inflammatory response to inflammatory post”]Only when you piss off out of the UK.[/shush]

    About your posts and language – have you thought about English language classes? Just a thought.

    See? We think of you.

  • Miltiades

    Enland IS MY COUNTRY, My allegiance to this country is beyond question.
    My children were born here, my late wife was English, unlike you low down peasants. As for my language, well it is perfectly suitable when addressing the likes of you.
    [shush reason=”inflammatory”]You low down cheapskates its time you piss of out of Cyprus you scum.[/shush]

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt, so now you are laying claims to the fictional land of ‘Enland’ 🙂

  • Miltiades

    Whats a ” g” amongst ….friends !!!
    By the way, when did Greece invade Cyprus ?
    Did you say in 1974 ? Here was I thinking that it was Turkey !!! How naive of me!!

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt, interesting point, did Greece invade Cyprus? It’s usually referred as a coup d’état by Greek officers suggesting that a couple of misguided soldiers from Greece decided to take over the country. Actually Greece already had enough troops there to take over the country so there was no need to ‘invade’ on that day, the invasion had already taken place. The instructions for the takeover came from the Greek government according to the BBC.

    ‘The situation came to a head on 15 July 1974 when the Athens regime instigated a coup by Greek army officers in Cyprus, seeking to achieve ‘enosis’ – or union with Greece. ‘

  • Miltiades

    Dom, you persistently display a high level of nativity and utter ignorance concerning the Cyprus problem.

    Greece, the junta, orchestrated and carried out the military coup against the legal government of Cyprus aided and abated by the extreme right wing group calling them selves Eoka B . The vast majority of the Cypriot people opposed the coup . Greece did not dispatch aircraft to bomb Cyprus, did not dispatch the navy to attack Cyprus. How on earth can you refer to Greece,s actions, unsavoury as such actions were, as an invasion is beyond my comprehension, bearing in mind that the entire world refers to a “Turkish” invasion and not a Greek invasion.

    I do not mince my words and Im sure you do know this well enough.

    Your support of Turkey, and its occupation of the northern parts of Cyprus, coupled with your derogatory and utterly illogical pronouncements against the RoC are exclusively driven by a financial ulterior motives, the same motives that all other low down cheapskates are driven by.
    Do I have any respect for your views, well as much respect that I would have for a common law thief.

    You pathetically make comparisons of the occupied parts of Cyprus having rights to forge alliances just as any other ” country” has. Dom, this puppet state is NOT RECOGNIZED by a single nation on this planet, including islamic nations, in fact ISIS FULLY SUPPORTS THE PSEUDO STATE.

    I will reiterate, I detest all that you and the rest of cheapskates stand for.

  • Miltiades

    ps. spot the typo error !!!

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt, in 1974 the majority of GCs supported enosis including YOU. Greece didn’t need to send troops as they were already there. I do not support Turkey, I support the TRNC and TCs. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    ENOSIS was indeed supported by the overwhelming majority of indigenous to Cyprus people. But that Dom changed after “independence”. Makarios led the change in aspirations for most G/CS. By 1974 those wanting Enosis was the minority, the extremists who carried out, with encouragement from the Greek junta the military coup were not supported by the vast majority of the Cypriot people.

    Back to the Enosis idea that I and the vast majority supported during the freedom struggle against the British colonial administration. Many of you fail to understand that democracy is not the prerogative of the powerful nations but it applies or should apply equally to smaller nations. Cyprus had every right to demand democracy, ie majority rule. This applies to all civilized nations on this planet. However the British colonialists did not consider the Cypriots as worthy of a democratic system. So much is said about democratic principles, ie the will of the majority, in the UK, as recently shown by the EU referendum. Such principles however are brushed aside when it comes to other nations.

    The Greek Cypriots have been on the island for thousands of years, they did not arrive in Cyprus as a result of an invasion.

    Having said this, I will reiterate once more that I now support a fully independent nation where all its citizens are equal under the law. I consider the T/Cs as much as a part of Cyprus as others, ie G/Cs, Armenians, Maronites and the newly arrived other ethnic groups.

    What I do not support is the continued occupation of Cyprus’ northern parts by a third world islamic nation.

  • Dominic Freeman

    Like you I’m sure, Milt, I long for the day when there is no need for Turkey’s involvement in Cyprus except through the usual business links such as supplying essential utilities that for some reason Cyprus has problems supplying for themselves. As for few GCs wanting enosis in 1974, I couldn’t say but I find it strange that the south is currently covered in Greek flags. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    Dom, has it ever occurred to you that 80% of the Cypriot people feel close to Greece thorough language, culture, religion and the influence of the Greeks stretching back more than 3 thousand years?

    An increasing number of Cypriots, one of them being my self, do feel more Cypriot than G/C. You can not eliminate thousands of years of history in one generation.

  • AM

    Well its a good job Turkey came in 1974 or milti and his ilk would all be fully paid up members of the Greek island brigade. 🙂

  • Dominic Freeman

    Milt, that closeness is so dangerous that throughout Cyprus history a large number of GCs have wanted to unite with Greece and destroy and suppress Turkishness because of what happened in 1571. There is a good chance that genetically you are more Turkish than Greek and definitely more Arab than Greek.

  • Miltiades

    If the same study was to be carried out in any European country one would find varying degrees of DNA applicable to the natives of that country, the UK included.

    The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of the Cypriot people,ie the G/Cs have an affinity with Greece, be it through language, religion, music or culture.