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I was sent these campaign details and so far I have managed to get a lot of my friends to sign it.

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Yes I am aware it is requesting Panorama to conduct an investigation into the property fraud in the RoC, however, it cannot harm the victims of the north to sign in the hope that when and if Panorama do investigate, they take note of the numbers of victims of the same type of scam in north Cyprus.

Pressure Group | Panorama Programme Petition | change.orgIt is an island wide epidemic caused by the greed and ignorance of a few Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and indeed some foreigners who have picked off those who dared dream of a home in the sun. It is important that Panorama understand that these fraudsters are ‘equal opportunity’ fraudsters who have targeted everyone regardless of race, colour or creed.

The situation has been compounded by successive Governments on both sides of the divide who have refused to acknowledge the problem and turned a blind eye to the fraud that has brazenly and openly been perpetrated on their watch. No good saying that it is down to the courts to decide. The Governments make the laws and appoint the Judges so the ultimate blame lies with them.

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