President Mustafa Akinci Responds To Property Criticisms

President Mustafa Akinci Responds To Property CriticismsKibris Postasi newspaper (23.02.16) reports the response of the north’s President, Mustafa Akinci, to criticisms that property purchasers in the north will spend years in courts trying to establish the right to keep what they have bought:

“The right to apply and the right of ownership are different things. The pre-1974 owner will of course be able to use their right to apply. For example, if a person who lived in a property in the north before 1974 and after the solution wants to live under the Turkish Cypriot Founding State Administration in the same house, if he prefers this instead of compensation or another choice, what could be more natural than declaring this preference from before?

However, even though they are few in number, when this kind of demands is assessed the situation of the current user will be important of course.

We have no intention to bring a person, who lived in the above-mentioned house for some years before 1974, face to face with a family of refugees, which left its property in the south and lives in this house for many years and let them rush in courts. Within this framework, it is extremely important that the criteria are clear and the right of ownership is not ambiguous.

In this example, it is indisputable that the priority will be in the ownership right of the person who currently lives [in the house].”

Excuse me if I believe that it looks like Turkish Cypriot occupiers will be OK but ex-pats stand less a chance of keeping what they paid for. Mind you, as there won’t be a settlement, there is nothing to worry about from Greek Cypriots.

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4 comments to President Mustafa Akinci Responds To Property Criticisms

  • Cyprus Sue

    Lots of issues Dominic. I have been reading on many Turkish expat forums and there was also an article in today’s Cyprus Mail about expats concerns regarding the recent refusals for long term residence permits. Initially most people got five years with no problems. However over the last couple of years when permits have expired they have been replaced by a 90 day tourist visa and many have been told they must leave Turkey on the expiry date and not reapply until a further 90 days had passed. The visas can only be applied for 2 times in a single year. This has resulted in many foreigners that chose to reside permanently in Turkey being kicked out of the country. Who knows if this will happen in the TRNC? A back door way of moving expats on?

    Lots of guess work as to what will happen with the property problem but like you I have noticed that what little information is given, nothing is ever mentioned about foreign buyers. I’m not surprised by this and I think many folks will be dragged through the courts in order to achieve settlement regardless of whether the island unites or not.

  • Polly Marples

    I agree Dom, there will be no settlement.

    I also think that those living in a fools paradise for so long will realise, this Government is just more or the same and Mr Akinci is a protectionist. He will do nothing for expats, why would he, they don’t have a vote.

  • sugarpuffbear

    “Ah” but if the TRNC ends up within the EU. The expats with TRNC deeds will have a case against whoever, provided that whoever still resides in the EU. Then of course there is the ECHR after that.
    And who knows where Turkey will be? Will the Eu want her for her young workforce?
    Who knows until it actually happens?

  • Cyprus Sue

    ECHR Sugar? Why does Orams outcome come to mind?