Pauline's Opinion | Remember The Orams

Pauline's Opinion | Remember The OramsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

They believed all the crap about it being safe to buy in north Cyprus

They were allegedly promised they would be supported by the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot Government if they fought this case. Lies…lies…lies.

They were allegedly left blowing in the wind when they lost. The house in Lapta still sits empty. They almost also lost their UK home. They are both now in very poor health. The mayor of Lapta allegedly insists they pay the taxes and beledeysi charges on a house that was ordered by the EU courts to be demolished and they DARE NOT use.

Do you still think buying in Cyprus…north or south is a good idea?

This is how the case was being reported in May 2009 by the British Press.

‘British couple David and Linda Orams bought the site seven years ago, investing £170,000 in the property that was intended to enable them to live in peaceful retirement in the sun.

But two years later, in 2004, a man turned up on their doorstep and politely explained that the land belonged to him.

His family had been forced to flee in 1974 in just the clothes they were wearing, when Turkish troops invaded the island in response to moves by the Greek government to unite Cyprus with mainland Greece.

And now he wanted his property back.’ [Daily Mail]

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