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The Quiet Way | Robin MelhuishPauline’s Book Review | The Quiet Way | Robin Melhuish

I read this novel, nearly 500 pages of it, and it has left me shell shocked.

Of course after 9/11 and 7/7 we all realised how vulnerable we are and no matter how good your security forces are, how much money you throw at anti terrorist measures, there is no fool proof way to guard against the determined terrorist. As this book demonstrates with alarming accuracy, you can only hope to be one step ahead of them which sadly often even the best prepared are not.

I was shocked, alarmed outraged in equal measures as I read this novel which, although fiction, is well researched and chillingly possible. I say possible but common sense tells me it is also highly plausible and very probable.

I read of how these acts are funded and how complicit in aiding in the laundering of the money used many banks are. I guffawed at the mention of some of the banks and the names of some of the characters. I have to say that there is little in this novel to make you smile. It is a grim warning of what awaits us if vigilance and dumb ass luck does not stop it happening.

It is a novel I would not normally put on my reading list, however, having read it I cannot wait for its sequel to find out what Hanks, Welks, Claire and Richardson are up to next.

I recommend this novel which as I say is well researched and well written.

Pauline Read

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