Pauline is Hacked Off

Pauline is Hacked OffWITHOUT PREJUDICE

As many of my friends know, a hacker who stole my yahoo address list some time ago is still using it.

This person/persons have created many email addresses pretending to be me and is bombarding my friends regularly.

Message to my friends.

“I am not, nor will I be sending you attachments you are not expecting. In fact I will copy and paste anything I want to share with you, so PLEASE do not open these attachments.”

I have changed my password and now do so on a regular basis. All of my email address list disappeared when I was hacked and I have slowly been replacing those I use regularly.

Clearly it is fraud to pretend to be me and I shall report this to the Police and to Yahoo, although now they are not using yahoo email facility. The silly thing is, I too am receiving these dodgy emails with virus attachments too….how sick is that?

This is what I have been helped to find out about this lower life form so far. The problem is, I am not computer literate and really do not know what to do with this information, so I will just hand it over to the Police and Yahoo.

Again, my apoogies to all my friends and anyone else who has been inconvenienced by these idiots.

IP-address searchPlease type IP-address
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Country: United States
Region: Arizona
City: Scottsdale
Postal Code: 85260
Latitude/Longitude: 33.611900 / -111.890602
ISP: “”
Organization: “”
Host Name:

IP address is numbered This IP address is active in United States, and affiliated with Scottsdale, Arizona. IP Country code is US. IP address ISP is “”, organization is “”. It’s host address is IP address latitude is 33.6119 and longitude is -111.890602. Postal code of this IP is 85260 and area code is 480.

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1 comment to Pauline is Hacked Off

  • fluter

    I would think if the Police want to find this saddo that information should do the trick.

    I occasionally receive emails from an ex-RAF colleague who has been dead for three years.

    How I would love to meet the sick bugger who is sending them!