North Cyprus Property Victims | Feeling Insecure


North Cyprus Property Victims – Feeling Insecure

This article was written one year ago today:


North Cyprus Property | Security of Costs

Justice, that elusive blind and well balanced lady, is having her scales forcibly tipped in the favour of the scammer every which way.

Security of costs; another hurdle thrown in the path of the victims when they seek to find this elusive lady. It is bad enough that someone not living here has to sign a bond with the court. In my opinion, it is is outrageous to ask someone who does live here to pay a cash bond into the court to ensure that should they lose then the scammer’s Advocate gets his costs. More so when you consider you are paying your costs as you go, from the little cash you have left after being scammed.

Another ploy, perfectly legal, but somehow again slewed in favour of the wrongdoer, the reasoning is that if you do not own a property in north Cyprus then you may leave without paying costs if they are awarded against you. The fact that many rent now because they have been unable to live in the property they paid for seems to be ignored.

Pauline Read faced the same demand from Kulaksiz Construction’s legal representative back in 2008/9, but the Judge accepted the argument that as she lived in Girne and the only reason she did not have her Kocan was because the same person she was suing had prevented her from getting it by putting a mortgage on her land after selling it to her. The opposing side had asked that she be made to deposit 5000 lira with the court.

Here is the biggest joke of all. Having taken out injunctions to ensure you are not chasing an empty pot, you eventually win. Ha Ha, the joke is on you. The Tapu refuse to sell the assets the judge ORDERED them to and you are left having to keep paying to renew the memorandum annually after year two. Here is the biggest joke of all, RENEWAL is at the discretion of the court.

So having lost all your money, your contract has been void, you spent a further fortune on legal costs, the Tapu, and then the Government Dept refuses to do their duty and honour the courts decision.

Why would any sane person, now being aware of the pitfalls, ever buy in Cyprus?

I wish I were making it up but You Couldn’t Make It Up.


Nothing has changed as far as this is concerned. However, now one could ask “where is the security of the fees paid to my advocate, or security of my legal paperwork given to my advocate?”

With Mehmet Kaptan Bensen still ‘missing’ and many of his clients sick with worry about this situation, where can they go for help? To the Baro Council, to the Judiciary, to the Government. Excuse me whilst I change my pants, wet them laughing. Could be, as some would have, my bladder is not what it used to be. Injustice in north Cyprus is exactly what it used to be and shows no sign of improvement.

He used to often quote to us, “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”, from where I am sitting a bar of soap is needed urgently.

Pauline Read

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