North Cyprus Property Victims | Olive Grove Revisited

two facedYou will recall that when Kulaksiz 5 had the memorable win at the Kyrenia District Court on the 4th December 2014, the legal team were cock a hoop, as much publicity and media coverage that could be achieved, was indeed achieved. TV interviews and the Youtube DVDs that were generated from it gave the impression that what happened to the Kulaksiz 5 was unconscionable. The legal team acting for them made their feelings on this subject very clear.

So tell me, because I really want to know, why is what is happening to Kulaksiz 5 any different to what is happening to the owners at Olive Grove?

Certainly looking at this coverage in Cyprus Today way back in October 2009 make it clear that what happened to Kulaksiz 5 has also happened to these purchasers from NCP.

What confuses me is, if the legal team feel so strongly that what happened to Kulaksiz 5 is so wrong, why are they representing the builder against the purchasers at Olive Grove? This one action negates the outrage they say they feel about the injustice to Kulaksiz 5, in my opinion.

I understand in fact that due to the actions of the same legal team acting for Kulaksiz 5, the purchasers of Olive Grove have had their case thrown out of Lefkosa Court where they wanted it heard, and now must start again in Kyrenia District Court.

So is it, they don’t really care where their fees come from, just that they keep coming. Rhetorical question.

Peter Wright

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4 comments to North Cyprus Property Victims | Olive Grove Revisited

  • Polly Marples

    So basically they are all in it for the money and couldn’t really give a toss about any of the victims. Nothing new there then.

  • cyprusishome

    This is an anachronism of the legal profession, one day you are for the good guys the next the bad. Yesterday you were fighting to save someone from the hangmans noose, tomorrow you will be taking a case with same criteria and you will be doing your best to get that person hung.

    So, why should this in legal term exclude the legal team in the above case? Morally you would say that what they learned fighting for Kulaksiz 5 would put them at an advantage fighting for this builder but what is so different from any other case? If I was the builder in this case I would possibly have taken on this legal team for those reasons.

    Polly, you are 100% correct, lawyers are only in it for the money!!!!!!

  • Polly Marples

    I do agree CIH. Everyone is entitled to legal representation.

    What I disagree with is the way Boysan Boyra and his team together with Make North Cyprus Better went on TV, gave interviews and garnered as much publicity as possible on the back of the Kulaksiz decision, condemning the banks, knowing, in the case of the advocate that they were being disingenuous and hypocritical. If you take such a high moral position, then take it all the way. No this was a cheap way of getting publicity to attract more clients. Therefore it is only right that those clients be aware of this

    In my opinion they are all tarred with the same brush.

  • Polly Marples

    Just look at their participation on this and remember it was commissioned by MNCB, then ask yourselves if this firm of advocates are sincere or do they just want their cake and eat it.

    We all know the answer.