North Cyprus Property Victims | False Memories

North Cyprus Property Victims – False Memories

You will find this statement within this blog from way back.

“yes the Tapu have been instructed to sell the security covered by the memorandums. I was given to understand that they were on one house which is on a long term let due to the owner’s death, one plot of land overlooking Amaranta Valley, one villa I have no knowledge about and one villa on another Kocan 4155, a property my Advocate informed me belonged Abdurrahman Guney and was occupied by his family members. Why would I be upset at taking the villa of the man who jointly signed for a mortgage with the Bank?” [NCFP]

Well even the information about 4155 turned out to be a ‘crock’ which is why I released this from the memorandum too.

Oh it is so a amusing to see Mr Kursat’s comments and then to see him being pushed into the middle of the Mandamus case, how hypocritical is that when you consider the person pushing him had actively campaigned with me to get the auction actioned and had been so supportive of me whilst doing it. Just pleased the Judges also saw the hypocrisy of his being involved too.

She was with me when Sener Levent, editor of Afrika Gazetesi, phoned the Ministry of the Interior to enquire when the auction was to take place. I am sure she will remember me having my phone round my neck and when I leaned over I kept knocking over Sener’s three wise monkeys which he had to move out of harms way. We all laughed.

I know this is an exercise in futility since the past has been selectively forgotten and replaced by the sanitised version where I become the baddie and the parasites continue to feed.

Never give in never give up.

Well as they say, much water has passed under the bridge since then and much has changed.

Pauline Read

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