North Cyprus Property Victims | Cafer Gurcafer Bounces Back

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North Cyprus Property Victims – Cafer Gurcafer Bounces Back

Reports are coming in that Mr Cafer Gurcafer has been elected as the Head of the Constructors Union….again. Now remember that under his guidance the whole property sector went to hell in a handcart. True he did not cause this alone, but what did he do to try to stop the decline?

There are many clichés you could use in this case, history repeating itself, learning from one’s mistakes but surely, there has to be a more suitable candidate.

Mr Gurcafer’s connection with the ‘Aga’ saga if nothing else should be enough to bar his candidacy, anywhere else it probably would, in north Cyprus…do normal rules apply? You decide.

You judge people by the company they keep. Well Gary Robb and Akan Kursat co-shareholders in Aga Development Limited, both named in the judgement that came out of the UK High Court in March 2013 and both implicated in money laundering.

“North Cyprus Property Victims | TRNC Union Leader sues Turkey in RoC Courts
Monday, August 6, 2012 by Citizen Smith


Now this is an interesting state of affairs, according to the Cyprus Mail, the Head of the Constructor’s Union in the TRNC filing a case in the RoC courts against the Turkey complaining about being allowed to buy Greek Cypriot owned land in the north.

It is interesting to note that Pauline Read was advised to do the same thing. If Mr Cafer Gurcafer is successful, will the RoC’s courts be deluged with similar such cases? Clearly the legal system in the TRNC does not appear to be serving the victims well in similar circumstances. The present Government seem equally uninterested in the plight of such victims.

Perhaps this case would seem a little less cynical if:

a) it did not involve one of the very people, namely Mr Gurcafer, who appeared on Ada TV when it aired the first programme to contain the Kulaksiz 5 and this man promised very publically to help the K5. The promise yielded no results, that is if the words were even followed up by action.

b) If this same man was not the Director of Aga Development Limited, named alongside other prominent Turkish Cypriots in the official document, the same document that contains the names of Gary Robb as main shareholder and Akan Kursat as the other shareholder.

It would seem that the RoC are prepared to swallow their principles in his case, since we all remember the high profile case when they extradited Gary Robb on his release from a UK jail and very publically tried him for the same offence. Mr Gurcafer is alleging Turkey has allowed property problems to happen. They must be very aware of Mr. Gurcafer’s involvement with Aga Development Limited. Mr Robb received a sentence of 10 months imprisonment in the RoC.

I am not making any comment on the validity of the case submitted by Mr. Gurgafer. I am however wondering if the propaganda in accepting this case is deemed greater to the RoC than the propaganda they would achieve by trying Mr Gurgafer for the same crime as Gary Robb?

Interesting times ahead.

Power to the people”

Let us not forget about the tape that Mr Gurcafer leaked to the Aga victims. I have heard it and you can clearly hear Mr Robb stating that Akan must tell the purchasers to pay up the rest of the purchase price or the contracts would be cancelled. As it turns out, it was heads they lost, tails they lost. Most purchasers lost everything.

Pauline Read

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