North Cyprus Property Victims | Busy Doing Nothing


North Cyprus Property Victims – Busy Doing Nothing

As the RoC postpone a vote on a bill to safeguard ‘primary’ residences from repossession by the banks, the north as usual do nothing.

I do not believe the RoC will do anything either but at least they are aware of the need to be seen doing their nothing. In today’s Cyprus Mail the news is the much heralded bill was put on hold

“AS RATIONAL arguments, by people with a good understanding of economics and banking, had failed to persuade deputies of the legal affairs committee not to submit the bill protecting primary residence to Thursday’s plenum, devious methods had to be used.”

In layman’s speak that means we had too much pressure from family, friends etc and so we are postponing doing anything. N.C.C again (nepotism, cronyism and corruption). Not that it would have saved those who had a stealth mortgage put on their holiday home anyway. Primary residence….what a cop out.

Fraud has been rampant in the property sector, the will to do anything about it is non existent and so this shaming time in the history of Cyprus will never be resolved. Going to law is expensive, time consuming and it seems the ‘law’ has no remedy.

The people of Cyprus deserve better but whilst those who could and should make a difference continue to dilly dally, nothing can change. We can be forgiven for thinking, it is in the long term interest of those who do nothing to continue that way.

Pauline Read

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