North Cyprus PM, Ersin Tatar, Outlines His Cyprus Problem Solution

North Cyprus PM Ersin Tatar Outlines His Cyprus Problem SolutionDuring a reception to celebrate Bayram, the new North Cyprus Prime Minister, Ersin Tatar, famed for his solution of ex-pat’s Property Problems, has set out his plans for solving the Cyprus Problem. He said he would soon be taking new steps, not old steps. He would also be taking steps on the economy and other political issues. He pointed out that currently there are two separate states in Cyprus and said that the EU should take steps so that both ought to separately exist within the EU. Tatar also said that North Cyprus should take steps to become a developed country.

Well, when Ersin Tatar was Assistant Treasurer at Asil Nadir’s now defunct Polly Peck company, according to BBC News, at the case investigating the collapse of the company it was alleged by the Prosecution that he took steps to assist Mr Nadir in the dishonest movement of money from PPI.

When Ersin Tatar took steps to solve the Kulaksiz 5 problem it is alleged that he forgot to tell the victims that he used to be a Kulaksiz Bank Director.

Ersin Tatar has tripped over his own feet so many time, I wonder what merry dance he will make of the Cyprus Problem.

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