North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 30 January 2021

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 30 January 2021North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 30 January 2021 is very sparse. We’ll include a summary of the few articles despite them having a limited interest to most readers.


‘WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP’ – BUSINESSES and charities have told Cyprus Today they are enduring some of the toughest economic times ever experienced in North Cyprus as the country was plunged into a new nationwide lockdown on Thursday. Ministers decided to extend the lockdown that had been implemented in the Girne and Lefkoşa districts earlier this week after a record 52 Covid-19 cases were recorded on Wednesday.

Killers are sentenced to 79 years in prison – JUSTICE has been served “at last” for Kennedy Dede, a Nigerian national who was battered to death in North Cyprus three years ago, after his killers were sentenced to a total of 79 years. A panel of three judges at Gazimağusa Criminal Court unanimously sentenced Nidai Şanlı to 27 years, Onur Körkurt to 17 years, Ozan Körkurt and Simge Dağdur to 13 years each, and Zekeriya Kurucu to nine years in prison on Tuesday.


Can I walk my dog? – WITH the country back in lockdown, there has been confusion among Cyprus Today readers over whether or not walking a dog or exercising outdoors is allowed, and if permission is needed to visit a hospital or health centre to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Cyprus Today put the questions to the Police General Directorate. Here is what a spokesperson said:

Q: Can I walk my dog or exercise outdoors? A: No, anything outside “essential needs” that are met by pharmacies, markets, etc., is not permitted. If people want to take their dogs outside to meet their needs, they can be in front of their houses but they cannot leave their house for purposes that are not urgent or essential.

Man who passed away after vaccine: Cause of death revealed – A MAN who died not long after having a Covid-19 vaccine died of “hypertension, chronic lung disease and a heart attack” a police statement said. The 68-year-old man passed away at his home in the village of Akdeniz on Thursday, January 21. An autopsy was carried out to determine the cause of death.

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