Google+ Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail - 13/1/2012

Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail – 13/1/2012

Friday, January 13, 2012
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1x1.trans Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail   13/1/2012The Cyprus Mail today is carrying the usual stories, delays at Larnaca Airports. 100′s of travellers have had their departures set back by the action of the air traffic controllers. Paphos had 25 times as many burglaries last year than in 2010. Well, this sort of thing happens in times of recession.  An EAC official was attacked at home by a a consumer who had his electricity cut off due to non payment. A little extreme but again, a sign of the times.  They are reporting Mr. Denktas’s downturn in health. I am sure all readers of NCFP wish him well.

A collective sigh of relief was heard all over the RoC to read that the ship out of Russia carrying munitions to Syria had arrived at its destination… in Syria. We did read of it being intercepted, seems they thought better of it and sent it on its way. I wonder why?

It seems that genetically, the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots have more in common than they would like to believe. Did any of us doubt that, the corruption gene being a very good example in some Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.

I chose to bring you the link to the article on Mr. Nadir and his adventures in the UK court system. He pleaded not guilty, which of course we all know he is, not guilty I mean. Mr Nadir, who is on conditional bail, is living in his Belgravia home. Now what bright spark thought it was a good idea to pursue this trial so long after the fact. Quite possibly the same bright spark who allowed legal aid in this case.

For those of you who were hoping to ‘pull’ a bargain with the special offers being advertised by Ryanair to celebrate the new UK to RoC route, too late, they are sold out.


1x1.trans Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail   13/1/2012
1x1.trans Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail   13/1/2012

One Response to “Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Mail – 13/1/2012”

  1. polly

    Breaks your heart doesn’t it, poor man having to rough it in Belgravia?

    Poor souls in K5 must be feeling the cold at the moment, those villas are in a bad state, except of course for mine, probably the only watertight one there. I hope the ceilings fall in on whoever is sleeping in my villa. Heartless b’s.


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