The Adventures of Pauline Read | Three Little Girls

There once was three little girls. No this is not the start of the once famous American TV series ‘Charlies Angels’ but a little taster of some the the articles that will be coming shortly on North Cyprus Free Press as a result of my trip to the U.S. between the 21st May and the 11th June 2012. I would like to say it was a complete rest and the situation that still exists here in North Cyprus did not penetrate that much needed rest. I would in fact dearly love to say that was the case but I would be lying and that would be something I leave to my enemies.

The first adventure took place as we were coming into land at O’Hare Airport in Chicago on the 21st May 2012. The on-board facility of being able to see exactly what the Pilot sees on the screen in front of you sounds brilliant and the technology that enables this never ceases to amaze me. However on the 21st, it also managed to terrify. On the screen I could see the landing strip coming up to meet the wheels of the plane and the next thing would normally have been the sensation of the wheels making contact with the ground. Not however on this occasion.

The next thing was the nose of the plane going up into a steep ascent and, as if by common consent, not a sound was heard from even one passenger. The plane was climbing and then circling over Lake Michigan again. Still the passengers (including me) said not one word. After a very long fifteen minutes, we saw the landing strip coming up to meet us again on the screen and all I could think of was to pray and ask God to at least allow me to have my holiday if my ‘time’ had come.

Well clearly, I did live to tell the tale and here I am in my beloved North Cyprus safe and and sound and alive to tell the tale. The one thing that really amazed me was the reaction on that plane. Had one person started to panic, we all would have. But no, the almost eerie calm was incredible. On landing safely, the passengers all started voicing their collective fears and and the relief was palpable. I have travelled on planes so often I have lost count of the number of times. I know it is still the safest form of travel, however, when will the airlines treat us like the adults we are? Did Turkish Airlines bother to tell their fare paying passengers just what had gone wrong? No.

Yes I did visit the White House and yes I did leave by the front door. I also visited Congress.

It is now 5.59 am and after a very sleepless night, caused by yet another trauma at Ercan, I am writing this with blurry eyes through lack of sleep and what some like to call ‘jet lag’.

Back to my first sentence. The three little girls met in Worcester; all were born in 1945. Two of us met when we were 5 years old and the third met the the other two when they were all 11 years old. We have been friends ever since. Now one lives in Durand Illinois, one lives in Niagara Falls, Canada and the third, me, well you all know where I live for as long as I am allowed to. The story of Daphne, Lesley and Pauline needs much thought and careful handling but I promise, you will get to read it sometime soon.

I am glad to be home, Writs and all. Yes it is true a Writ was served in my absence. Interestingly, a court order was obtained to enable the Bank to serve it by having it taped to my door and a copy under the rubber mat outside my front door, I even have been furnished with a copy of the Court Order enabling this. Perhaps the Bank should consider publishing a book entitled ‘1001 Ways to Waste Depositors’ Money.’ Not an accusation you understand, just a suggestion.

Pauline Read

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