Robin’s Snippets – Soporifics for the Brits in North Cyprus

It has dawned on me a long time ago that the English print media here in North Cyprus are really not up to much in the way of printing news. Either they must think that the daily goings on the Island are not of interest or there may be something more sinister afoot.

I know a lot of people may condemn me for my stupidity in being unable to read the Turkish newspapers and say it’s my own fault. It’s there if you want it.

Why is the English press so full of “jolly good news” and lots of bad things from overseas? Riots in the UK, battles in Syria, drugs in Mexico, but not a word about drug related killings here on the island, hardly a mention of the hundreds of people who have been ripped off buying properties here. Certainly no official notices about the bankruptcy cases involving building firms. I mean there wouldn’t be any creditors in the ex-pat community that may be remotely interested, would there?

Keep it jolly, 5 pages of parties and karaoke and 3-4 pages of sport. 4 pages of international news and, on the local front, just some whinging about the decline of the Lira’s value and some comment on the fact it may have an effect on jobs. A few road crashes for the ghouls to gloat at. It would appear that if your crashed car hasn’t appeared in the newspaper, you haven’t arrived.

So why are we told so little about what is really going on here? Is it censorship? Is it the fact the press has no stomach to put the truth on its pages? Or is it all part of the conspiracy to fleece the foreigners even more by keeping them out of information’s reach?

Any one out there would like to translate some of the local real news for NCFP? I wish I could.

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