Robin’s Snippets: Turkish Government issues arrest warrants for seven top officers

Seven generals and admirals accused of trying to undermine the government have had arrest warrants issued against them.  Those listed on the warrants have been at the centre of continuing investigation for their alleged involvement in creating anti-government websites in 2009.

Two top ranking generals, Gen Nusret Tasdeler, head of the army’s educational command, and Gen Ismail Pekin, the general staff’s intelligence chief, are believed to be amongst those on the warrants.

In a separate incident under “Operation Sledgehammer”, dozens of other senior officers are in detention over a separate investigation into an alleged plot to provoke a coup.  Four other top military commanders, including the Chief of the General Staff Gen Isik Kosaner, resigned 10 days ago in protest at the jailing of officers as part of the investigation into “Operation Sledgehammer”.

So the question that begs to be asked is who is running the show now? Answers on the back of a head scarf please.

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