Robin’s Snippets – Ashtrays on Motorbikes

Thinking, which is a relatively rare thing since coming to North Cyprus, about life’s unnecessaries. I paused to ponder some of the complete wastes of space there are here; not to mention waste of money.

It’s a short list for now, prompted by Pauline Read’s article on the PCO/PIO; which, by the way, tops my list.

1)      PCO

2)      Cycle path in Girne

3)      Bus shelters all along the coast made of glass a) no buses; b) good greenhouses

4)      Two people to read your water meter

5)      Four pieces of paper to pay your electric at the bank

6)      PTP, the system is so widely bypassed it’s a joke

7)      TRNC Driving licences.

8)      Whining on about “is Briton going downhill?” You bet with that sort of spelling.

9)      Bits of paper with “Tourist Visa” on them; you’re registered in a central databank anyway.

10)  Shops which don’t put prices on goods

11)  Immovable Property laws

12)  Heated car seats in Cyprus

I could go on, but it might be fun to see what other readers think.

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